Pinwheel Quilt

This post is long overdue.

Pinwheel top

This quilt has been living happily on my futon/couch since January but I hadn’t shared it here yet. I finished the top during a week of quilting last September at the cottage, then sent it off to the kind folks at Quilting on the Mira in Sydney, NS. I have a kind colleague who goes to Sydney a few times per year to visit family and kindly ships quilts back and forth for me.

Pinwheel roll

I bought the fabrics for this quilt in San Francisco and I chose grey rather than my go-to white as the solid. I like the result, I find the colours really pop.

For the back, I used scraps for the top to make a couple laders. The result is very modern and I LOVE it. Love, Love.

Pinwheel back

(It was just starting to spit rain when I snapped this. Don’t mind the drops!)

It’s was the first time I loved the back as much as the top of a quilt.

pinwheel back close-up

It’s a delightful quilt to cuddle under for a nap, or to watch movies.

It even provided me a little comfort and coziness when I was covering Lac-Mégantic in early July. There weren’t any hotel rooms in town following the disaster, so my bosses rented construction-styled trailers for us to sleep in. We had to bring our own sheets and blankets. I knew exactly what I was going to pack.



3 thoughts on “Pinwheel Quilt

    • You make such beautiful things. I remember doing patchwork at school, getting lost in it, seeing the finished product in my head and then staring at it proudly nestled on the couch where Mum had given it pride of place. A beautiful skill.
      Skinny jeans Mum

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