Pinwheel Quilt

This post is long overdue.

Pinwheel top

This quilt has been living happily on my futon/couch since January but I hadn’t shared it here yet. I finished the top during a week of quilting last September at the cottage, then sent it off to the kind folks at Quilting on the Mira in Sydney, NS. I have a kind colleague who goes to Sydney a few times per year to visit family and kindly ships quilts back and forth for me.

Pinwheel roll

I bought the fabrics for this quilt in San Francisco and I chose grey rather than my go-to white as the solid. I like the result, I find the colours really pop.

For the back, I used scraps for the top to make a couple laders. The result is very modern and I LOVE it. Love, Love.

Pinwheel back

(It was just starting to spit rain when I snapped this. Don’t mind the drops!)

It’s was the first time I loved the back as much as the top of a quilt.

pinwheel back close-up

It’s a delightful quilt to cuddle under for a nap, or to watch movies.

It even provided me a little comfort and coziness when I was covering Lac-Mégantic in early July. There weren’t any hotel rooms in town following the disaster, so my bosses rented construction-styled trailers for us to sleep in. We had to bring our own sheets and blankets. I knew exactly what I was going to pack.