Scarf Rack

In 2007 I went to Barcelona.  One day I was browsing a store that sold pashmina type shawls and scarves.  They were beautiful. And expensive.  I didn’t leave the store with a new scarf, but I left with an idea. An idea as to how to display the many, many, scarves I already owned.

You see, I love scarves.  I’ve loved them since I was a little girl.

Silk, wool, cotton, long, narrow, square, handkerchieves, bright, patterned,anse neutral.  I love them all.

I started going to thrift shops when I was barely a teen and would buy so many cashiers would ask me “What’s with all the scarves?”.

So many, in fact, that displaying and organizing them became an issue.

My Barcelonian-inspired scarf rack solved that problem.

(I love hats too.)

My dad, who is a carpenter-extraordinaire, helped me to make this rack in 2007 (just to be clear, this simple rack is no accurate testament to his abilities).

About two years later I moved to Quebec City and eventually met Julia from À l’allure garconniere.

We have become fast friends (and colleagues to boot).

She loves scarves too.

Whenever she came over she commented on my scarf rack.  So, for her birthday, I decided to make her one to go in her dressing room.  That’s right, her dressing ROOM.

Her birthday is December 26th, so I made it using my dad’s tools and know-how over the holidays.

I also had lots of help from D.

Here are some loose instructions on how to make a scarf rack. If you want to make one too and have questions, please, ask away!

As always, gather your materials.

Steel rods (3/16″ in diameter), a piece of 1″x 4″, and a 2″x 2″ or a branch (not shown) and 4 screws (not shown).

For tools, you’ll need a metal saw, a wood saw, a measuring tape, marker and pencil, drill, drill bits, mallet, hammer, a file, and a vice.

The latter is very handy.

Cut your steel rods, and file the ends to make sure they aren’t sharp. I cut the rods into foot-long lengths.

Once your rods are cut, you’ve got to bend them.  That’s where the vice is particularly helpful.  We held an inch of the rod in the vice and used a metal mallet to bend them.

I used a 2″x 2″ for my scarf rack, but for Julia’s I decided cut down a birch sapling and use a piece of it.

Once the 1″x4″, and birch section were cut to length, and rods were cut and bent, I attached the branch to the back.  I figured out where the brach touched the 1″x 4″ and screwed them together through the back of the 1″x4″ using 1.5″ screws.

I then drilled holes with a 3/16″ bit about 1.5″ apart on the top of the branch..

The rods fit tightly into the holes so I had to hammer them in.

I then drilled two holes at each extremity to attach the rack to the wall and provided Julia with little plugs to hide the screws.  And voila!

I presented Julia with her gift at a dinner party.  As soon as Julia walked in the door, she pointed at my scarf rack and told her husband “See, that’s what I would like you to make me!”

I couldn’t help but smile, as it turns out Julia’s gift saved Simon some work too.