Rainbow Quilt

I finally finished my stacked coins rainbow quilt!

And now for the back:

This is the first quilt I’ve made for myself, and wow, does it ever feel wonderful to sleep under a handmade quilt!  The weight, the comfort, the colours… it all makes me very happy.

I started this project back in May when I had some time off work. 

This is the second quilt I started in my short quilting career.  I didn’t follow a pattern and I tried to cut a few corners and not make it too wide.  I realized it wasn’t worth it, ripped borders out and made the quilt bigger. I still think it’s a couple inches narrow.  If I remember it measures 87″ by 94″

This is also the first quilt I attempted to machine quilt. 

I started it before my Cartwheel Quilt, but finished the later first.  Before this quilt, I didn’t know how to properly prepare a quilt-sandwich so I packed up my three layers and took it to Emeline & Annabelle in Montreal for a workshop.

They were very helpful, but when I told them how I envisioned the quilting, Annabelle warned, “that’s a lot of quilting.”  She was right.

I don’t know exactly how many bobbins of thread I went through but I would say a dozen, at the very least!

But it was so well worth it.  I love the look.

 I quilted up and down for the body of the quilt and in big squares around the border.

I used a biased binding to finish off.

I still have about two meters of the backing fabric (which I really like) and some stacked coins left over.  The plan it to make cushions or pillow shams. One day.

First I’ll finish my nine-patch quilt top.  I have all 90 blocks done, the 6 1/2″ sashing sewn on to each block, and the lay out determined.  That’s a good chunk of the work done. Hopefully I’ll find the time to get most of it done in the next couple of weeks.


13 thoughts on “Rainbow Quilt

  1. Looking at the colour through the strips of white makes me feel like I’m looking at a scene through fence posts, and like I’m trying to put together little pieces of a story. It’s a really interesting effect, and I like it!

  2. hey Marika…lovely quilt…i found you on Amanda Jean’s finish it up friday…so forgive me for commenting when i don’t know you but i saw you brought your quilt to a shop in Montreal, and I wondered if you lived in Montreal? I just moved here last year and I still don’t know anyone who likes to quilt…I learned in Sherbrooke at a quilting guild so I am pretty new to it as well!
    Hope you don’t find this comment stalkerish!

  3. Thank you all for your kind words!
    Jennifer, you aren’t stalkerish at all, the info up there is to use! I totally understand your desire to find quilting friends in the same city. Only two weeks ago did I find one in Quebec City (which is where I live). We now have weekly sewing dates, but more on that in a future post. If you’re looking for quilting friends I suggest going to Emeline & Annabelle or Effiloché and see if they have groups or a place where you can post an ad or something. I wish you good luck, because there’s nothing like sewing with a friend.

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